Monday, May 27, 2013

History and Trend of Button bouquets

No one remembers seeing a traditional wedding without having seen the bride carry a wedding bouquet. Virtually every bride walks down the aisle with some kind of bouquet, whether she knows about the history behind the tradition or not. Some believe the tradition was insinuated by the Romans, while many others believe that Greeks were the pioneers of wedding bouquets.  
Button bouquet
Reading through the history of bouquets is interesting. You’ll find it surprising to learn that the first ever bouquets carried by the brides were made of garlic. According to ancient Greeks, the smell of garlic wards off evil, and therefore, having the bride carry a bouquet Of garlic for her wedding was considered auspicious. Likewise the Romans believed that it is auspicious for the brides to carry flowers because the sweet fragrance of the flowers invites the blessings from the heavens above and at the same time keep the evil at bay.
Years have gone by and the tradition of carrying bouquets still exists, but like everything else, its meaning and significance has been redefined. Unlike flowers, brides have now started experimenting with a dozen other materials for wedding bouquets. There are button bouquets, lace bouquets, silk and felt bouquets, paper bouquets that make the bride look fancier and more trendy. The best thing about such bouquets is also that you can make them on your own at home, by simply following a short guide to create button bouquets.
Brides want to experiment and showcase originality in their weddings. Modern day brides are bold and outgoing and want their weddings to be nothing like people have seen before. This is where button bouquets come into the picture.
These are unique and individual alternatives that are fast becoming popular. They’re catching up with the latest trends not only because they look beautiful and different, but also because they are more versatile in economy and durability. 
So, here are some reasons why many brides prefer to have bouquets made from buttons over flower bouquets:
Unique and personalized
While the argument of going unique with flower bouquets is not debatable, there are certain limitations to the kinds of flowers, colors and textures you can get during a given season. With button bouquets you can choose from a wide range of colors, textures, accessories, and sizes.  You can give them a personal touch by adding items of your choice like brooches, pins, laces, and any other accessories of your choice.
Hassle free
These are hassle free to carry and can be prepared several days in advance. If you choose flower bouquets, the flowers must be picked fresh the same day and even then there is always a chance they might just wilt away. They don’t need delicate handling and leave the bride free to manage and enjoy her pretty wedding gown while she walks down the aisle carefree
Everlasting Mementos
Flower bouquets are bound to wilt within a few days or even hours of the wedding, which is not such a pleasant experience. Button bouquets in comparison are more similar to everlasting mementos; they can be put in a vase and kept as a decorative piece anywhere in the house.
These are eco-friendly option for the brides of the modern day. Instead of plucking flowers, these bouquets can be assembled using old buttons lying in the house or with friends. They cost so much less than flower bouquets and yet are far more versatile. They let you use your imagination to the fullest.
Low Cost or Expensive – You Choose
How much money you plan to spend on your wedding in entirely up to you, and unlike thought bouquets made from buttons are not the choices for low budget weddings. There is no limit to how expensive your button bouquet can be. It all depends on the how you accessorize the bouquet, whether you use pearls and diamonds, or simple lace and accents. 

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